Thursday, August 27, 2009

Big Wolf and Little Wolf

By Nadine Brun-Cosme and Olivier Tallec

I will admit that it was fairly difficult to pick out a picture book to read without any topic or lesson plan to go along with it. I found myself searching the new book collection in the curriculum resources lab. I was immediately drawn to the illustrations for this book. I love the use of colors and the sleek, modern looking wolves. In the beginning pages of the book, there is a caption that reads, "For Theo and Simon, our little wolves". As I read the book, I felt like the big wolf was possibly the older son and the little wolf was the younger son of the author. The big wolf starts off not liking the little wolf because he was sitting under the same tree the wolf had always sat under. I can remember being bitter about sharing anything with my brother. I also loved the illustration of the leaf blanket that the big wolf tried to share with little wolf. The next morning little wolf mimics what big wolf does, and that reminded me of when I tried to do everything my big brother did. Little wolf then goes away for a while, I thought that the big wolf would be happy. Yet the big wolf is not; in fact he misses the little wolf. When the little wolf returns, the big wolf is nicer to the little wolf and admits that he missed the little guy. I think that this was a heartwarming story about the relationship between siblings.

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