Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Moon Rabbit

By Natalie Russell

Once again, this is a book I found off of the display shelf in the curriculum lab! I love the new books that are out because they have such unique illustrations. I really liked the moon; it has a colorful block pattern on it. This book is appropriate for the primary elementary grades. The story is very simple and short, and not what I expected at all. From the title I thought there was going to be a little rabbit going into space, but that is not the case! Little rabbit lives in the city by herself and has many places she likes to see and things she likes to do. She is very independent. One night while on the balcony of her studio apartment, she sees the moon and begins to wonder if someone else is out there that could be just like her. What little rabbit finds I think will make readers wonder themselves about what else is out there!

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  1. Hi - I just found your blog by hitting the "Next Blog" at the top of my page. It is so much fun!! You never know where it will take you.

    Cute blog - good luck with it!