Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jumpy Jack and Googily

By Meg Rosoff and Sophie Blackall

I actually found this book in the classroom I have practicum at. I read the book to three first graders and they absolutely loved this book, especially the illustrations. I enjoyed reading this book out loud because it was fun using alliteration saying Jumpy Jack every other sentence and saying the name "Googily" was just a fun word to say. Also while reading to the students it was easy to change my tone, pitch and speed for the two different characters. I spoke really fast for Jumpy Jack because he was always scared and read at a low and steady pace for Googily because he was a brave monster-type creature. I also thought it was great how there was a pattern to each page; Jumpy Jack always wanted Googily to check certain places to make sure he wouldn't be scared. He always says something along the lines that there's probably nothing hiding that would scare him, but he just wants to be sure. The fact that students can predict what Jumpy Jack will say keeps them engaged and interested in the book. The ending is very cute. Jumpy Jack wants Googily to check under the bed for monsters. I think the students could definitely relate to that same situation. I can't remember how many times I asked my parents to check for monsters under my bed before I could go to sleep. It is a surprise ending, because after Googily checks for monsters for Jumpy Jack, he starts to get scared himself and asks Jumpy Jack for help. I like how the brave character shows a vulnerable side and shows kids that it is okay to be scared sometimes. Great book!

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