Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Boy Called Slow

By Joseph Bruchac

This book was different from any book that I have read for this class so far. I picked it up for my child study student because he likes to talk about his Native American heritage. The main character of this book is given the name Slow because it is a custom for the Lakota Sioux to give their child a name that represents how they act. Once that child has grown, they have to do a courageous act that will allow them to be renamed based on something from that act. I could only imagine how self-conscious the young boy was because being "slow" does not have a positive connotation. Throughout the story, Slow looks up to his father and dreams of being just as brave and courageous as he is. It is fairly easy to predict that Slow turns into someone who is just as legendary as his father. I think this was a great lesson for children--that although you may start off "slow", you can take what you've learned and become whoever you want to be.

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