Monday, September 21, 2009

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

By Charles M. Schulz

I had not heard of graphic novels until this class. The few that I flipped through at the curriculum lab, when we were looking at all types of genres,I did not really care for. It was hard to figure out what to read next and just like we discussed in class, it hurt my eyes looking at the illustrations! That said, I used to love Charlie Brown as a little kid. I do not remember reading the books, only watching it on TV. I felt that graphic novels were perfect for Charlie Brown because the pictures were sequenced and were very similar to the TV shows. I loved the part where Charlie asks Snoopy to help set up a table and Snoopy gets sidetracked with Woodstock playing ping-pong. I also liked the fact that there were multiple problems for Charlie that kept the reader waiting for something to happen next. My favorite part about this book is the humor and the irony that I never really got until now. My only concern with this book is that I would be cautious of having it in my classroom. I would be sure not to have Christmas and Thanksgiving to be the only holidays represented in literature in my classroom. Overall, as far as graphic novels, I enjoyed this book.

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