Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Odd Boy Out: Young Albert Einstein

By Don Brown

I picked this book up for my child study student because he is a very intelligent second grader and thought he would enjoy reading about someone who was also very smart as a young boy. It is the story of the childhood of Albert Einstein and not only is it funny but it tells interesting facts about Einstein that I did not know. I had no idea that Albert Einstein did not talk for the longest time when he was younger; I just assumed that smarter children spoke sooner. The setting takes place where Albert was from, Germany, so it gives the reader a glimpse into a different culture. I loved the illustrations that were almost like sketches and the fact that almost every page was either yellow or blue depending on the mood of Albert (mostly the pictures were drab, Albert was not portrayed as a happy young boy). The end shows Einstein as an old man, how we would picture him today. I loved the last line, "For the world, Einstein comes to mean not fat baby, or angry child, or odd boy, but great thinker". It just comes to show children that the sky is the limit.

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  1. As a student specializing in science ed., I was immediately caught by the name "Einstein" in the title. I thought this was an interesting blog - and that this book would be a fantastic anticipatory set to start a lesson with. This story seems like a great book because it shows students an alternative view of Einstein; one that children can relate to.