Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jimmy Zangwow's Out-of This World Moon-Pie Adventure

By Tony DiTerlizzi

I stumbled upon this book while searching the bibliographies pages on the curriculum resources lab website. This book is a science fiction tale about how Jimmy, a very hungry boy, is denied a moon pie from his mother and flies to the moon to get his own moon pie. I like how the mother is not portrayed as perfect. You do not see her face but she is wearing shabby slippers and is making a mess cooking dinner. Also, there are finger prints on the cupboards most likely from Jimmy and he has his toys strung out in the kitchen. I can definitely relate to this illustration because my house growing up was usually untidy. I also love Jimmy's outfit; he has a blanket on for a cape, cowboy boots, suspenders, and goggles around his head. He depicts a very adventuresome young boy. I love the puns the author includes in the book--how Jimmy flies to the moon for a moon pie and then goes to the milky way to get some milk to go with his moon pie. Jimmy has multiple problems throughout his journey that keep the reader interested. Ironically, Jimmy never gets to eat all the moon pies he finds on the moon but when he returns home he gets a moon pie for dessert from his mom. I love the last page with the moon in the background outside the window while Jimmy is enjoying his moon pie. I think this would be a great read-aloud. LOVED this book!

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