Monday, September 14, 2009

The Deaf Musicians

By Pete Seeger and Paul Dubois Jacobs

I like to read the dedications of each book, and this one grabbed my attention. The first dedication reads, "To my deaf father: Charles Louis Seeger". I think the fact that the author has written this book about and/or for his father makes it more meaningful and interesting. Everything about this book is Jazz-inspired, from the style of writing, to the font and arrangement of certain words, and especially the illustrations. I loved the picture when Lee is on the subway. There is a lady dressed in formal attire and a young guy slouching with his hat turned sideways and Lee bending down tying his shoe. For me the picture was almost like I was watching a movie; it was very realistic. The author's relation of signing and jazz music was unique and gave me a different perspective on sign language. I particularly like the end where Lee proves that his hearing loss does not stop him from expressing his musical talent or love for jazz. The afterward written by the author reminded me of Mr. Holland's Opus where they have a sign interpreter for the final concert so his son could "listen" to the music. This book opened my eyes to the different ways music can be expressed and heard!

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