Monday, October 19, 2009

And Tango Makes Three

By Peter Parnell

I loved this book!! I think that this book has gotten a lot of slack and is probably one of the most controversial children's books of the past couple years. When I had to pick out 5 controversial books to blog about, this book was my first choice. I felt that the illustrations were very simple but unique; I loved the pictures of the baby penguins, they were so cute! I would love to include this book in a unit of families but would definitely be worried about what parents would have to say. I think that I would include it depending on the school district I teach in as well as having the principals' approval. etc. Throughout the book I thought it was also a good wayto start a science lesson by discussing how different animals interact and reproduce. I had also heard that the story is real; and the author's note at the end in fact confirmed that is was. I usually pass by the author's note but i thought that this author's note was particuluarly good. It made the story come alive and gave a very positive outlook on the story. What a great book!

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