Monday, October 19, 2009

Pinkerton, Behave!

By Steven Kellogg

This book was also on Amazon's controversial book list. The story is about a Great Dane puppy who does not listen and often misbehaves. It was deemed controversial because it has a picture of a robber holding a gun on the front cover as well as at the mother's head when he breaks into their home. Although the only picture of the front cover of this book that I could find is different; the robber is just seen looking in the window. I thought it was interesting that there was not a father figure in the story and that Pinkerton was sort of his replacement because he is so big and should be good at protecting its owners. Yet after going through dog training, the mother and daughter have found out that Pinkerton is very loveable and will do the opposite of the command. So when a robber breaks into their home, Pinkerton licks the robber when he hears the word "burglar" but when they yell the word "fetch" he attacks the burglar and saves their lives. Also the robber says "This is a stickup, lady. Don't move or I'll blast you and your silly hound to chicken powder." I felt that the pictures as well as the text were too graphic for a children's book and agree that it should be banned.

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