Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Misfits, Pt. 2

By James Howe
There is a lot going on in the last part of the book. I liked the groups' idea to put the names they have been called with slashes through them up around the school. I thought that was a bold move for them and definitely got people talking. I was pretty shocked and a little upset that the No-Name party lost the election. I felt like they put so much work into the campaign and deserved it the most. Yet the book did not end on a negative note. I think that throughout the campaign the group gained more confidence in themselves. In the end, each character was with who they wanted to be with all along. Yet I do not think that that part should have been included. I felt that it was not very plausible. The fact that their campaign got the school's attention and actually caused a change in their school's policy was a big accomplishment and I think it should have ended on that note.
If I teach the upper elementary grades, I think this would be a great read-aloud or independent reading book for students. Because it is controversial, I would have to get permission from the principal, etc. Yet I think this book tackles a very problematic issue and I would love to use it in the future!

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