Sunday, December 6, 2009

The True Story of Little Red Riding Hood

By Agnese Baruzzi

This is a novelty pop-up book that I used for one of my language arts lessons in my practicum. The students in my reading group absolutely loved this book. It was interactive and very detailed. The beginning of the story has an envelope filled with a letter that you pull out and read from the wolf. Unlike the original story of Little Red Riding Hood, the wolf feels lousy for not having an friends and having an bad reputation. He asks Little Red Riding Hood to help him change his image, and so she puts him to work cleaning and cooking for her and she puts him on a vegetarian diet. The wolf becomes famous for turning into such a good citizen, but then Little Red Riding Hood gets jealous and decides to sabotage the wolf and make him go back to his old ways. She makes him a meat sandwich and the wolf goes back to his old ways. I thought this was an interesting way to tell the story. I used this book as a mini-lesson on perspectives in literature and to show that there can always be more than one side of a story. I would love to have this book in my classroom but I would probably only use it for a mini-lesson or read-aloud.

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